PYO Strawberries & Raspberries at Stonepitts Farm

The following pick your own varieties of strawberries and raspberries grown at Stonepitts Farm are available during the PYO season. See the Home page for opening times.


The most exciting introduction in recent years. Florence combines lateness of season with a high yield of attractive fruit. Highly recommended!!
Cambridge Favourite
This is an old favourite as its name suggests - a vigorous running habit makes it an easily grown variety that crops very well under a wide range of conditions. The orange coloured fruit is of medium size which hangs well on the plant with a superb sweet taste. The Cambridge Favourite goes back to the '60s and we like to preserve these old strains where we can. Ití a superb and highly popular fruit!!
If you remember Elsanta that we used to grow at Stonepitts, Alice is the modern equivalent, its fruit being firm, the berries attractive, bright orange-red colour and with a good shelf life. The average berry size is larger than Elsanta with a good regular conical shape. It is well liked for its sweet flavour and juicy texture.
This is an early and really tasty variety with large bright orange-red berries, high skin strength, a great flavour with good sugar levels for jam and general eating.
Eros was delivered from a cross between Elsanta and Allstar, made in 1985 by Dr David Simpson and Judi Bell and released to fruit farms in 1994 The berries are very attractive with a firm and regular conical shape, mid-red colour and glossy skin with a pleasant, well-balanced flavour.
Malwina produces later cropping large dark red, firm berries with a lovely aroma and a really excellent flavour. They have a good tolerance to rain and are further protected by a vigorous leaf canopy.


Glen Ample
An exceptional mid season variety producing exceptional yields of firm fruit and establishing new standard raspberry growing. It produces large fleshy fruits which are round-conical in shape, attractive and with an excellent flavour.
A top raspberry variety for quality in combing outstanding fruit quality and excellent yield, originally bred in British Columbia from a Glen Prosen cross. Tulameen produces very attractive, bright, glossy fruit with a distinct conical shape and excellent flavour plus along shelf live.
The Tayberry was bred from a cross between the blackberry Aurora, a high quality variety bred in Oregon, USA and an improved Tetraploid Raspberry. The berries are large, long conical shape and a reddish purple color with excellent, slightly aromatic flavor. Excellent quality for freezing, canning, jams, and jellies.
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