The History of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree became popular in England in 1841 when Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, brought a Christmas tree over from Germany and put it in Windsor Castle. The Royal couple were illustrated in a newspaper standing around the Christmas tree with their children, and the tradition of decorating a tree became fashionable.

The Christmas trees, during the Victorian times, were decorated with candles to remind children of the stars in the sky at the time of the birth of Jesus. Using candles was, of course, a great fire hazard.

Christmas trees were also decorated with candies and cakes hung with ribbon. In 1880 Woolworths first sold manufactured Christmas tree ornaments which proved to be very popular .

The most Famous Christmas Tree in Britain.

In London, near the statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square, a giant Christmas tree is set up and decorated with great ceremony each year. The tree is a thank you gift from the people of Oslo, Norway. During the Second World War, King Haakon of Norway was forced into exile in England when the Germans occupied his country. Since 1947, Norway has expressed its thanks for the help of the British people by continuing to send a huge Norwegian spruce to be shared by all.

Frequently Asked Question’s

  1. How long does it take for a Nordman Fir and Norway Spruce to grow from seedling?:

    1m - 5 years (Fir) 3 years (Spruce)
    2m - 8 years (Fir) 6 years (Spruce)
    3m - 11 years (Fir) 9 years (Spruce)
    4m - 15 years (Fir) 12 years (Spruce)
    5m - 18 years (Fir) 15 years (Spruce)

  2. What main environmental benefits does a plantation give:
    Fields of green trees for the long term good for absorbing CO2 emissions. Secure home for bird life

  3. What climate do the trees like and how much rainfall per annum is the average requirement?

    Up to 1000mm 1200mm max otherwise leader bolts Frost good for trees stop growing and stand steady.

  4. What other European countries grow Nordmans successfully, eg Scotland Ireland Poland?

    Scandinavia Scotland Ireland Poland (parts avoid extremes)

  5. What other types of fir are there?
    Fraser and Noble – blue, needles differ - not so good but used for wreaths

  6. Apart from aphids what are the other dangers to maturing trees? Shropshire sheep mowing weeds grass

  7. When is the development of a tree most at risk? Seedling